billettør på gjendebåtene som hjelper person som skal ta båten

Frequently asked questions

Some questions are asked more often than others. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked ones.

Can I book a place?

  • Yes, you should!

Can I use a credit card to pay on the boat?

  • Yes!

Can I take a dog on board?

  • Yes, absolutely. It´s free of charge, but your dog must stay out on deck.

What is the telephone number for the car park at Gjendeosen?

Does everyone get on?

  • If you have booked a departure, you will get your place on that departure.

When does the last boat leave?

  • The last boat back to Gjendesheim from Memurubu is at 16:50. In high season 17:55.

I use a wheelchair, can I travel with you?

  • Yes! Contact us in advance.