person som nyter utsikten når hun går Besseggen

Walk Besseggen

The Besseggen ridge is one of Norway's best-known mountain walk and attracts around 50.000 visitors a year. Most people choose to take the boat from Gjendesheim to Memurubu and walk back. Hardier souls walk from Gjendesheim to Memurubu and take the boat back, or stay at Memurubu overnight. If you choose to walk in this direction, you get the finest views. The walk normally takes 5 - 7 hours.


From Memurubu, the route rises quite steeply for the first hour, before gradually levelling off and then going down towards the narrow ridge between the lakes of Bessvatn (1,374 metres) and Gjende (984 metres). Many people choose to take a short breather here and enjoy the sight of the deep blue Bessvatn and emerald green Gjende, before starting off along the ridge itself. It is 400 metres straight down to Gjende from the ridge. Parts of the ridge are quite narrow and in places it can be difficult if you meet people coming the other way, but there is always a way if everyone cooperates!

Once across, this is a great place to sit and enjoy your packed lunch, if you haven’t had it earlier. And whatever you do, don’t forget to turn around and enjoy the view across Gjende and the Gjende Alps! From here, there is a clear path over Veslefjell towards Gjendesheim. On the way, you pass a large stone cairn marking the highest point on the walk, 1,743 metres above sea level. About a kilometre from Gjendesheim, the path divides into two. The path on the left goes to Glitterheim and Bessheim, the other goes down towards Gjendesheim and Gjende. The walk down from Veslefjell is quite steep in places, but the path is good.

Those who choose to walk Besseggen the other way, from Gjendesheim to Memurubu, get the finest view! What makes this walk tougher is that you must walk down the steepest part, the ridge itself. This could be quite a challenge for those who are afraid of heights. If you choose to walk Besseggen this way, you have a view across the beautiful Jotunheimen mountains all the way. Once you get down to Memurubu, you can choose between staying the night here or taking the boat back to Gjendesheim.