Gjendebåten i flott vær ved Besseggen i bakgrunnen

Some practical information

Summer in the mountains is short and magical and on the most beautiful days many people want to travel on our boats. To make your trip as pleasant as possible, we have tried to find some practical solutions for parking, queues and transporting luggage. It might be a good idea to find out how things work before you travel with us.


You have to book your tickets before coming.

Gjendesheim – Memurubu

  • One way: Adult NOK 240,- / Child NOK 120,-
  • Day return: NOK Adult 260,- / Child NOK 130,-
  • Baggage: NOK 70,-
  • Dog: Free of charge

Gjendesheim – Gjendebu

  • One way: Adult NOK 280,- / Child NOK 140,-
  • Day return: Adult NOK 300,- / Child NOK 150,-
  • Baggage: NOK 80,-
  • Dog: Free of charge

Memurubu – Gjendebu

  • One way: Adult NOK 240,- / Child NOK 120,-
  • Baggage: NOK 70,-
  • Dog: Free of charge


  • Child under 15 years: Child ticket (rates above)
  • Child under 5 years: Free

Group of 20 person or more; pleace mail: harald@gjende.no or call: +47 913 06 744


There are two car parks in the area around Gjendesheim. One is down by the quay, and its free but…is only for short-term parking up to 2 hours! The other is about 1,7 km from the quay. There is a shuttlebus service to and from the quay. If you will be away more than 2 hours, park here! The first minibus in the morning starts 30 minutes before the first departure to the boats. Its smart to pay for parking and shuttle online before you arrive, more info at visitgjende.no
Besseggen 1743 runs the car parks and the kiosk, so if there is anything you wish to know about parking or ice cream, visit visitgjende.no, call: 954 517 43 or email: post@visitgjende.no.

Choose the right queue

You will find there are two groups queueing on the quayside. One is for Memurubu/Besseggen, with up to 8 departures a day, and the other is for Gjendebu, with up to two departures a day. Make sure you join the right queue!

The boats

We operate two boats. Kåre Johan which takes 98 passengers, and Gjendine, which takes 80 passengers.


According to Section 19 in the Consumer Purchase Act, individual services are not to be refunded if the seller undertakes to provide the service at a particular time or within a specified time at the time of the agreement. There is therefore no cancellation or cancellation option for tickets purchased for travel with Gjendebåtene. Under special circumstances, deviations from this provision may be made. Read our complete purchase information.


If you wish to walk the Besseggen ridge and walk back to Gjendesheim, take the boat to Memurubu. You can also walk from Gjendesheim to Memurubu along Besseggen and take the boat back to Gjendesheim. Remember to book your ticket!

Overnight accommodation